Artist Statement/Photos

Artist Statement & Description of Work– Paul Chester

I paint contemporary impressionist landscapes with mostly oil, building up the surfaces of canvas or wood panels with layers of paint and glazes using a combination of brush and painting knifes to achieve an overall luminosity.


My subject matters are found in the natural world that I see from a walk or simply driving by: peaceful places and retreats – country fields, flowers, rolling hills, forests, horizons, cloud formations, and waterscapes.


My paintings are an emotional response to what I see in the natural landscape in the area that surrounds my home and studio. Somewhat ethereal in nature, images of landscapes and water are painted from memory and the experience of that moment. I enjoy using oil paint because it lends itself to being scraped and scratched, cutting into the paint to reveal the colours beneath.


Painting for me is a poetic expression…a state of mind, rather than a photographic copy of nature. They are my visual diaries celebrating the beauty and peace found in nature.